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Emergency & Exit Lights

In the event of a serious incident in your workplace, your staff and customers will need to quickly and safely exit a potentially dangerous environment. It is therefore imperative your emergency and exit lighting systems are functioning correctly and in accordance with AS2293.

PRC Technicians are trained to inspect and test your system on a six monthly basis in accordance with AS 2293.2 to ensure your system is compliant. 

Your comprehensive inspection and test includes the following services;

  • Discharge Test
  • Replacement of Tubes and Starters
  • Cleaning of Diffusers

At the conclusion of testing, PRC wil also provide you with all the documentation required under Fire Safety legislation and Measures guidelines, including compliance certificate and completed log book. 

Exit and Emergency lighting tests are carried out on a 6 month basis, this test is conducted by switching the exit and emergency lighting onsite over to test mode for 90minutes. This test is to determine whether the fittings can last if the power is for some reason off or a hazard occurs in the tenancy. The test is conducted by switching the emergency test switch unit over or flicking the dedicated circuit breaker to test mode.


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